Currently in production in Berlin and Novi Sad, this documentary deals with people who came to the German capital in search for better life. We will see folks from very diverse national and social backgrounds, who have not so much in common, except they all recognized that Berlin is a place to be.

Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time
(serbian title: Bilo jednom ...)
  Documentary about punk-rock scene of Novi Sad from the first half of 1990's.
Ritam Nereda, Obojeni program, Atheist Rap, Generacija bez buducnosti, Love Hunters, Zbogom Bruce Lee... are among bands whose members talk about their experiences during 15+ years on the frontline of Serbian punk-rock scene. Duration: 43' 33".
The Nuzzling
(serbian title: Njuškanje)
  TV magazine with pets as primary objective, with animals and nature as topics also covered by The Nuzzling.